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What’s New At BDP: Week of 10/19/15

Over at Aftershock, we’ve got a great new beatmix highlighting music from Walk the Moon, Pop Evil, and Beck. We also sat down with the band Foo Fighters to discuss their song “Outside” “This Is Dave Grohl From The Foo Fighters Man, Music Carries From Person To Person, I Think That Young Musicians Can’t Imagine Someone On The Other Side Of The World Hearing Their Song, It Just Seems Impossible.”

At BDP Classics, we talked with Pearl Jam to discuss the song “Jeremy.” “This Is Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, The Music For Most People You Know Is Some Kind Of Release And To Talk About Real Life And Escape Through That Way, That Way You’ve Like Escaped Through Dealing With Something.”

BDP Country has a great new branded intro from Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town discussing their song “Smokin and Drinkin.” “Hey Y’All It’s Miranda Lambert, Hey Everybody We’re Little Big Town, Today’s Best Country Hits, I Really Love Old Things And Cherishing The Character Of Something, You Know Like The Soda Fountain Or My ’55 Chevy My Dad Bought Me When I Was 17, It Really… You Know I Think Writing About It Will Make People Stop To Think About Their Own Lives And Why They Are Who They Are.” There’s also a new beatmix featuring music from Kenny Chesney, Maddie & Tae, and Big & Rich.

The AC package features a new promo from Leona Lewis discussing the song “Thunder.” “I’m Leona Lewis, It Has Different Aspects, Some Of It’s Introspective And It’s Kind Of Something That You’re Striving To Get Through.”

TripQ CHR/Hot AC has a new beatmix from Adam Lambert, Charlie Puth, and Macklemore.  And finally, a branded intro from Sage the Gemini featuring Nick Jonas discussing the song “Good Thing.” “What’s Up Y’All This Is Sage The Gemini, You Are Now Listening To My New Single Featuring Nick Jonas Called Good Thing.”

And finally, tons of great new music in the Spot Builder commercial music library, featuring tracks that can be described as :Upbeat, Bouncy, Fun, Cheerful, Joyful, Children, Enthusiastic, Feel-good, Snow, Holiday, Christmas, Retail Holiday, Holiday Retail, Confident, Smooth, Cool, Slick, Confident, Gangsta, Thug Life, Dramatic, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Heavy, Heavy Hip Hop, Hip Hop Sexy, Sexy Hip Hop, Hip Hop Night Club, Night Club (Hip Hop), Documentary Dramatic Back Drop, Dramatic Documentary Back Drop, Back Drop Dramatic Documentary, Drama Hip Hop, Hip Hop Drama, Reality TV Hip Hop, Hip Hop Reality TV, Positive Hip Hop, Hip Hop Positive, Good Times, Road Trip, Confident, Proud, Funky, Groovy, Bouncy, Positive, Slick, Cool, Hip, Kitsch, Vocals, Retail Kitsch, Rock (Vocal), Retail Youth Advertising, Adult Comedy, Kitsch Retail, Vocal Rock, Youth Advertising Retail, Advertising Retail Youth, Comedy Adult, Proud, Noble, Bold, Determined, Confident, Uplifting, Ceremonial, Holiday, Political, Patriotic, Retail Holiday, Holiday Retail, Christmas, Marching Band, Band Marching, Building, Pulsing, Hopeful, Dreams, Sunshine, Earthy, Organic, Fun, Enthusiastic, Bright, Positive, Optimistic, Playful, Energetic, Cheerful, Informative, News, Family, Corporate Business, Business Corporate, Do It Yourself (DIY), DIY (Do It Yourself), Retail Friendly, Friendly Retail, News Themes And Stories, Themes And Stories News, Stories And Themes News

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