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What’s New At BDP: Week of 11/9/15

Over at Aftershock, we’ve got a great new beatmix highlighting music from AWOL Nation, Coleman Hell, and Silversun Pickups. We also sat down with the Zac Brown Band to discuss their song “Junkyard.” “This Is The Zac Brown Band, Junkyard For Me Has Always Been A Story Of Redemption, For Me Now It’s About Celebrating Everything Hard Or Bad That’s Ever Happened To You, And When You Come Out On The Other Side Of It And You Realize That That Time And Getting To The Point Of Understanding Where You’re At Peace With All Of The Terrible Things That Have Ever Happened To You And That’s What Gave You Perspective And Made You Realize How Great Your Life Really Is.” Also featured is a great Thanksgiving-themed promo with music from Atlas Genius, Coleman Hell, and Arcs.

BDP Country has a great new branded intro from Locash discussing the song “I Love This Life.” “Man It’s A Sense Of Accomplishment, So Much Hard Work And Blood Sweat And Tears All These Years So It Feels Good, And With The Internet With The YouTubes And iTunes Has Just Been Wonderful For Us.” There’s also a beatmix featuring music from Keith Urban, Jake Owen, and Cole Swindell. Also featured is a Thanksgiving promo with music from Jason Aldean, Brothers Osborne, and Cole Swindell.

The AC package features a new promo from Don Henley discussing the song “Take A Picture of This.” “This Is Don Henley, It’s Rooted In The Rural America That I Knew And It’s A Nod To My Native Turf In Texas, The Family, The Friends, The Neighbors And The Country Side.”

TripQ CHR/Hot AC has a new beatmix from OMI, Hailee Steinfeld, and Justin Bieber.  And finally, a branded intro from OMI discussing the song “Hula Hoop.” “That’s How You Know, Hey What’s Up This Is OMI, New Music Now, Here’s My New Single, I’ve Always Been Able To Express Myself Fully In Music.”

Tons of great new music in the Spot Builder commercial music library, featuring tracks that can be described as: Pulsing, Bright, Building, Shimmering, Powerful, Bold, Determined, Dramatic, Building, News, News Themes And Stories, Themes And Strories News, Stories And Themes News, Adventure Action, Action Adventure, Financial, Political Ads, Ads Political, Technology, Laid-back, Mellow, Cool, Slick, Confident, Gangsta, Thug Life, Mysterious, Hip Hop, Fun, Sunshine, Positive, Road Trip, Good Times, Confident, Blue Collar, Southern Living, Masculine, Optimistic, Driving, Country, Summertime, Rock (Southern), Southern (Rock), Country Rockin, Rockin Country, Fun Country, Country Fun, Auto Car & Tuck Commercials, Car Auto & Truck Commercials, Truck Auto & Car Commercials, Commercials Auto Car & Truck, Sports Baseball, Baseball Sports, Do It Yourself (DIY), DIY (Do It Yourself), Retail Summer Fun, Summer Fun Retail, Bright, Carefree, Optimistic, Upbeat, Bouncy, Fun, Cheerful, Joyful, Children, Enthusiastic, Feel-good, Holiday, Family, Celebration, Christmas, Retail Holiday, Holiday Retail

And finally here’s our newest update montage:

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